Sunday, July 8, 2007

week end creation

I came across this tutorial a long time ago and finally got some time to do it this week end.
With all my friends popping babies lately, I have been thinking a lot about making baby clothes, toys, etc.
For the toys, my tries have not been very successfull so far (unless I wanted to scare the babies that is), but I am quite happy with these....

Oh soooo cute! I could make a million of these! They are made entirely of recycled wool, inside and out.
Thanks to Mollychicken for sharing that pattern!

Thursday, July 5, 2007


I have just send a parcel to my mum in France. It's kind of been a while that I wanted to post it, but kept adding to it...
Today it had to go as we are going to France in about 4 weeks and I would find it a bit silly that the parcel would arrive after me. I didn't want to carry everything either, as we have a stop over in Singapore, and then we have to travel from Frankfurt to Strasbourg, my home town, and I will already have plenty of presents in my bag...
I have sent her some stuff I have made myself, a brooch, and a book pocket like the one that I made in that post, and a bag.
I particularly like this bag.

It is made entirely of cotton. The strippy material comes from the red cross, and the floral white and blue material is a piece of recycled table cloth.

Friday, June 15, 2007

I've been meaning to write, and been meaning to, and been meaning to... and.... Well, it's been too busy.
I first had an 8 weeks screenprinting class that was late at night, and now work has turned busy as well!!
The printing class was awesome, I am so gratefull I came across this teaching. I was quite sad when it finished, as I have become really addicted.
And I loved the setting. We had access to the printing classroom with the big long printing tables, and all the fabric paint we wanted. The arts from some student was usually drying in the room, it was really great to be in that environment after being stuck in front of a computer all day.

There is an advance class in a few months to learn to do repeative printing, like repetitive patterns on big length of material, and also multicoloured printing.
Might do that...

The piece of work I like the most is this baby blanket I made for one of my really close friend's little girl.
I cut into an old pure wool blanket and printed some butterflies on it.
Here's a glimpse.

I love that it is a recycled piece of wool, and that it is still so soft and nice. I love recycling!!
I hope they like it.

I also printed some random pieces of materials, thinking about bags, little pouches...

Of course now I have to start sewing, as added to that I also scored a whole pile of fabric from a second hand shop a few days ago...

..., and my sewing cupboard is now definately chocker!

Friday, May 25, 2007


I love books.
In the last year I have been reading a lot of books from Alexander McCall Smith, and have been enjoying his writings greatly. I think he writes beautifully about the simple things of life...

If you're like me, you will usually carry your books around shuved carelessly in your bag, sleep with them, leave them lying everywhere. As much as I love books, I can't seem to discipline myself much into taking care of them, and usually when I have finished reading one, it looks like it's been through the washing machine (hardly exaggerating).
So anyway, to at least reduce on the amount of wear from carrying them in my bag and finding all sorts of things stuck in between the pages, or the pages all bent, I decided to create a little pocket for them
It all happened when I was hunting for some fabrics at my local second hand shop. I found this really cool vintage floral cotton. I loved the bright colours, I wanted to cut into it straight away.
I went home and set to work....

I made it quite big to fit different sizes of books....

And it's reversible too!

I might make the next one slightly smaller on the sides as it is really quite big and can tend to sag a little. Still, I like the combination of materials :)

Une petite pochette pour mes livres, car j'ai tendance a les laisser trainer un peu partout et a les corner dans mon sac... Fait avec un tissu fleuri vintage trouve dans une friperie.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Well, hello....

How exciting!
My first post.
I'll keep this one short as I haven't much to say, I am not very organised.

I am French, I leave in New Zealand, I have gone back to crafting after not doing much for many years. I have plenty of ideas in my head to create, and a need to share my creativity with others.
I'll be back soon with hopefully something interesting to say!!

Bonjour, je suis Francaise et j'habite en Nouvelle Zelande depuis 6 ans.
Ce blog est pour moi une occasion de partager mes aventures creatives .
Je posterais plus quand j'ai quelque chose d'interessant a dire, je ne suis pas encore tres organisee!