Sunday, January 20, 2008


Thursday I flew off to Auckland, with much anticipation.
Every year on the same week end, as tradition wants, I have my Thursday and Friday off...
Thursday is shopping day. By myself most of the time. He flies to join me on Thursday night, and I have a whole day to roam free around Auckland.
Friday, is the Big Day Out.
So Thursday, I arrived in Auckland early morning, and dropped off my bags and jumped in a bus to get to town straight away. My first stop was for coffee, of course, then I just wandered about, did some shopping, and of course had more coffee, and sushi, and cake. Have to look after myself!!
There are some really good second hand shops in Auckland, and I found some nice clothes at a bargain price.
But the highlight of the day was this shop, Salvage. I had been reading about it, and really wanted to visit it.
It was smaller than I thought (well in my dreams it was a huge place with piles of fabric and buttons you could dive into... in my dreams, as I say!) but really great!
I had great fun looking at all the amazing fabrics they have in there, and got some very sweet glass buttons, and some lace as well....
I felt really shy, I was scared to touch anything, some of the fabrics in there are truly to die for!

Not far from that shop was also an hospice shop where I found some more bits and bobs, doilies, bits of felt, some bits of fabric...

I had a really good time, wandering by myself.
I find I relax best when I'm alone, and I really feel like that mini break not only was resting but also got me thinking about new things I want to create. Sometimes I think that I do lose touch with my "creative side" when I am caught into work and routine. That day really was the best thing. And I had great weather.... Mmmm, wouldn't mind another day off!


Louise said...

Looks like you found some great treasures! Must make a note of that shop to visit next time I'm in Akld.

Louise said...

Hi Florence. I think you’re a great kiwi blogger and I have tagged you for the 7 random things meme. Please see my post at for details. Sorry if you’ve been tagged before, and I won’t be offended if you don’t participate!! Cheers, Louise

Amy said...

Isn't Salvage a treasure? I was stoked to find it on my last trip to Auckland.