Monday, January 14, 2008

Market Day!

Well I wish it was market day today! Only I was in the office all day instead.
But it feels like market day everytime I look at this little tote I finished last night.

I got the fabric at supershed, which is this big warehouse that sells all sorts of second hand junk. I think they mainly collect stuff that people bring to the refuse station, so there is a lot of real junk. But I have found some real cool fabrics there sometimes, and buttons, and embroidery threads, and old patterns... Ah the joys of thrifting!

To go back to the fabric, it's actually an old cotton sheet. I love the colours, and these flowers, I couldn't resist buying it!

Needless to say I got it next for to nothing, as well as this other piece of gorgeous fabric, soon to become a bag as well I think:

I love the little girl with the hat, it remind me of one of my childhood book.

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Jo said...

Cue tote! I really like the book bag concept you made in a previous post too!