Friday, February 29, 2008


First day of March already! I can't believe how quickly February went for us.

We just paid a deposit on our house yesterday, yay, it's official!
So I think I'm happy, though it hasn't sunk in yet. I think I'm one of these people who will stop stressing once I'm sitting in my couch in my new house.
Well, another month to go!

I haven't done too much crafting lately as on top of the house business, work has been very busy and I have been doing pretty long hours.
But while I needed something brainless to do I came up with this:

It's a scarf that I am knitting with circular needles. The idea is to use remnant fabric, ribbons etc, as well as diferent wools to mix the textures. I had some scrap fabric that I made into skinny long strips and knitted in.
Not sure how it is going to turn up, but really enjoying the simple garter stich and changing color randomly.

I think my next project might be a top. My clothes are starting to look all old and boring to me, but I am not really in a spending mode since we just emptied our bank accounts into the house! Ha! It's a good excuse to make myself something... Hopefully I will post on that soon.


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