Saturday, April 12, 2008

House! (continued...)

Well that's it, we're all moved in to our new house and loving it!
It's been a pretty full month, we had a holiday that had been planned about 6 months ago, so we were away for a week just before moving!! Crazy I say! So I have been doing quite a bit of sleep walking at work in the last few weeks and just starting to feel normal again.

Not much crafting has been done lately, though I saved some pictures from before our move...
This little bag was for a friends birthday.

The material is a recycled sheet that I got at some thrift store not long ago and really love. The pattern is quite crazy for a sheet, very retro, the colours are not too agressive though so I thought a bit of crazy but toned down by some blues and greys wasn't a bad mix!

And this next one comes with a story. Back in February, I sent a parcel to my mum, full of goodies.
Before I sent it I took some pictures of this scarf I made for her. The parcel was supposed to take 10 days to get to France and took 6 weeks!! I was so sad and sorry, thinking that all my work had been lost, but no, one day, I got an email saying it finally arrived!!

It is made of felt wool. I was quite happy with the embroideries as I haven't done much of this at all. I really enjoyed doing it and I'm looking forward to doing more embroidery in the future.

My sewing room is not sorted yet. I have scored a nice room, with a view on the water, but I'm still organising it. Since there is only one power plug in a very strange place near the door, I need to do some thinking on how I'm going to plug in my machine. I'm off to do this now...


Shakadal said...

See Please Here

Louise said...

That scarf is lovely! Wahta great idea to fasten it like that with a button. Your embroidery is so neat.

*BB* said...

What a lovely scarf! I love the embroidery! Usually the mail is great, but once in a while they like to give you a fright.