Sunday, June 15, 2008

winter work

Yay, finally I manage to put some time aside to post!
Since we have moved into our new house, I have had plenty of distractions.
Starting with some work on the house, and, a bit more interesting, this little one....

How cute is she?? She is about 4 months old now and into everything, as kittens are.
My sewing room has never been that tidy. I'm so scared she's going to sneak through the door and play with pins!
Every now and then, no matter how carefull I may be, I find tiny scraps of fabric in strange places... I guess it reminds me to keep sewing though ;)

Wool is my obsession right now. Not just any wool, but felted wool, blanket wool...
A few weekends ago I made this little bag. It has turned out quite cute, I love the mix of wool and linen. That piece of linen was an old tablecloth that I got from a second hand shop. It has some stains but still heaps to use. On the side it said 100% linen, screen printed in Belgium. I love every bit of it.

And another scarf. I am liking playing with felted wool, and embellishing it. This one I've kept really simple and made a brooch with yoyo to close it. I've got another one in mind which will be embroidered.

So I'm busy, but still seem to find a bit of time for crafting, and very gratefull for it.

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SewSydney said...

Kitten is gorgeous. I love black and white cats. We inherited a new cat and are having major dramas with it. Sigh.