Saturday, August 22, 2009


Back to my blog!
I have been wanting to and planning to do so for a while now.
It feels like I am starting over completely after being away for more than a year!
Time went by so quickly, I have been making yes, but not that kind of making :)

Maxime is now almost 5 months old and he is keeping us busy, awake, on our toes, walking up and down hills, and rocking for hours... aaaah the joys of parenthood!
He is amazing and surprises us everyday (and he has the yummiest little toes, hehe!!)
He has already been quite inspiring for my craft, though my ideas seem to be more functional with him around! I have been working on a pattern for some trousers, getting ideas for toys...

While I was away from this space, I still managed to create and craft here and there.
Just after my babe was born, a craft shop opened up down the road, and the owner was looking for crafts to expose in her shop so that helped me get myself motivated again to get back into having that little time dedicated to creating.
I supply her with hairclips like these:

See, I have loads of hair, and was really bored of the hairclips I could find in shops. I also found making my own a really good stress release after a long day hehe!! I made some for myself first, then for friends. I am working on making them available on etsy and felt as well soon. Well, hopefully soon...

I also supply the shop with embroidered felted scarves and bags similar to these and these.
I have plenty more that I would like to post but no photos at present. I have to find a moment when it's daytime and the little one is willing to sleep for long enough that I can get to my camera!!

Retour a mon blog.
Maxime a deja presque 5 mois!
Je continue a fabriquer autant que possible.
J'ai commence a vendre mes barettes, echarpes et sacs a une boutique du coin. Cela me motive.
Il ya beaucoup d'autre choses que je voudrais montrer mais il faut que je prenne des photos et pour cela il faut que je trouve un moment quand il fait jour ou le petit veut bien dormir assez longtemps!

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