Monday, July 14, 2008

Slow Crafter

Today was a day off for me, and it was deserved indeed as I have been working very hard over the last few months.
Time has flown by, and I now find myself preparing in my head for spring already. Where has winter gone? I do vaguely remember some very cold days, driving my car to and from work in the snow, but the weather of this last week has been so beautiful, it's hard not to think about spring things... Like lighter clothes to be made, walks around the hills, a holiday maybe, and growing some veggies...

That last one has been in the back of my head quite a bit lately. With the cost of living going up so much, and with the impression of having been on a cabbage-carrot-onion-pumpkin-potato diet, we both got up on Sunday with loads of energy for gardening (a very rare thing for us).
Of course it's too early, so we just started to make A space to where will be our veggie garden. So far, it looks like a very promising black patch at the far end of our garden!

And since winter is not really finished, I had to make up this little dress. Actually, as you can see the wool and craft cotton used were chosen in Autumn, and it took me over two months to complete it! Oh dear! Quite a nightmare actually. The arms were somehow to tight (like if it was made for an 8 year old tight?? stupid pattern!) so they had to be undone, and a bit added so I could fit my apparently very fat arms through...grrr...
This is a build by wendy pattern . I had already done the short sleeve dress without any problems, but these 3/4 sleeves are to watch for.

And a close up on the pocket. I really love that fabric.

And today I found this...

I have been wanting one of these for ages. The picture is not too good because it was already getting dark when I took this snapshot. It's one of these very old sewing box that open in accordeon and can also be wheeled around. It's so cute and also very practical. It is missing a couple of screws and being very ambitious I am also thinking of sanding it down. But go and tell that to the old chair I'm sitting on: I sanded ONE of its leg 3 years ago...

I guess I could say I'm a slow crafter - with maybe a sprinkle of procrastination ;)

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